Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Obituary of Samuel Halls Junior

Today I was treated to a random act of genealogical kindness.  I opened up my Gmail this morning and found the obituary of Samuel Halls Junior from the April 3, 1930, edition of the Crystal Lake Herald.  It was sent to me by the president of the Crystal Lake Historical Society.  I am very grateful to Diana Kenney for her thoughtfulness.

The obituary quotes the Randall family in Crystal Lake as saying of Sam that, "To know him intimately was to love him" which I find a rather curious turn of phrase.  To me it indicates that Sam had a difficult public personality (Reserved? Prickly? Arrogant?...) but it covered a heart of gold.

It also confirmed a things I had suspected, but did not answer other questions I have.  It confirmed my suspicion that Sam liked horses and states that, "He was a particularly fine judge of horses and was especially fond of thoroughbred racers and trotters."

Sadly, it make no mention of the mysterious "Becky", the woman named as his wife on his death certificate. See this post for details of Sam's shenanigans with the women.

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